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Apex Zero Reality Provoking Liberation Review

Apex Zero Reality Provoking Liberation Review
Date: 29/10/13
Author: Administrator


West London's Apex Zero has been putting in work on road for many years and is ready to put his stamp on the scene with his début solo album titled 'Reality Provoking Liberation' which dropped yesterday via Design Chaos (28/10/2013) featuring a total of 12 tracks. Apex Zero's mission is to open your mind and offer food for thought through the power of his music with commentary on social conditioning, greed, oppression, corrupt political systems, changing our ways and many more revolutionary subjects! Drawing many inspirations from Dead Prez, 2Pac, Wu Tang, Immortal Technique, Nas, Pharoahe Monch, Skinnyman, Klashnekoff and many more, needless to say he's been hooked to Beats, Rhymes & Life for a long time.

We're going to feature a few of the tracks which have official videos, the first one up is track four which is titled 'Power Source' featuring Apex Zero and his thoughts solely. Apex delivers stone cold pen game fighting back at the system, the roots of population control and the endless routine of a 9 to 5. Watch the official video for Power Source below.

Apex Zero | Power Source
  • We're purged of wisdom,
  • Brainwashed and forced to serve the system
  • The death valley shadow shades,
  • Cast over our lives inside of shallow graves,
  • Both the road and system slaves,
  • Have chains wrapped round their fallowed brains,
  • You march to work in chain gangs,
  • Make them cash then pay tax,
  • Paying rent and bills and debt,
  • You give them all your wage back,

Apex Zero | Power Source

Our Time's is track five from the album and features Apex Zero spitting over the top of a more laid back and psychedelic beat ready for Apex's social and political issues to be aired to the masses. Apex is not alone on the track either being backed up with two fellow emcees Omeza and Kyra to create a powerful collaboration, yet another great addition to 'Reality Provoking Liberation'.

Apex Zero | ft OMeza and Kyra | Our Times

Chaotic Revolt is track 11 from the album and showcases Apex Zero's trademark style flawlessly featuring hard hitting rhymes, abundance of knowledge, food for thought and all delivered with his bombardment of neck jerking flows! A classic track to quickly get on the same page with Apex's style. Check out the official video for Chaotic Revolt below.

Apex Zero | Chaotic Revolt

Make sure to checkout Reality Provoking Liberation by Apex Zero using the band camp plugin below, you can browse the entire release before making a purchase and if you're feeling it make sure to support his movement by grabbing a physical copy, well worth the investment. Stay tuned for more hip hop review's soon!

Apex Zero | Reality Provoking Liberation

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