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D Tox's Avatar

D Tox

D-Tox reigns from the South West coming from the city of Taunton, having been writing for numerious years and keeping his material close to his chest he's ready to sta... (Read More)

Dotz's Avatar


Dotz (23), one half of UKHH duo Phili'N'Dotz and a Jump Off battle rap champion well known on the underground battle circuit, with a list as long as his arm of battle... (Read More)

Dirty Dockerz's Avatar

Dirty Dockerz

Emerging from an empty ashtray deep in the midlands, Tommy Dockerz & The Reverand are the two hybrid forms collectively known as Dirty Dockerz. Originally a royal ferre... (Read More)

Dubbledge's Avatar


Watford rapper Dubbledge first gained interest with the track The Internet Song, which was distributed online. He has appeared on releases by fellow UK hip hop artists such... (Read More)

Darkstorm's Avatar


Darkstorm is the master villain from the 1980’s animated television series, ‘The Visionaries’ – leader of the Darkling Lords, hell bent on evil. It&... (Read More)

Dead Players's Avatar

Dead Players

Dead Players consists of two well known emcees Jam Baxter and Dabbla with the legendary GhostTown on the production. The trio will be dropping their debut album 'Dead Playe... (Read More)

Defenders Of Style's Avatar

Defenders Of Style

Defenders of Style are a hip hop collective based in Leeds, they are 10 years strong in their practice and have played alongside artists such as Masta Ace, Edo G., MF Doom,... (Read More)

Doc Digi's Avatar

Doc Digi

Doc Digi AKA Doc Digital AKA The Sound-Wave Surgeon

A professional DJ/Producer born and raised in the United Kingdom and the latest addition to GV Clik. Doc has been... (Read More)

Datkid's Avatar


Datkid is a Bristol based emcee known for his work with the Split Prophets hip hop group who have been smashing the scene in 2012. Datkid has recently put his name onto the... (Read More)

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