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Fliptrix's Biography

Fliptrix is from South East London and has been causing a ruckus since he released Force Fed Imagery in 2007, his style brings intelligence, street smart lyrics, compact with energy and one of the most distinctive flows in UK hip hop. Not only is Fliptrix a very talented rapper he is also a pioneer in the uk hip hop scene, he is the founder of UKHH High Focus Records which has caused a much needed re-birth of the hip hop scene in the United Kingdom.

Everything Fliptrix has put his time into has paid off, he has established his own Studio and High Focus HQ. The High Focus TV channel on YouTube has accounted for over a million hits, his own albums have become underground classics and brought something new to the table each time which has led him to sell out venues. Fliptrix has graced the stage with some of hip hops finest, such as RA the Rugged Man, Raekwon (Wu Tang), Foreign Beggars, Jehst, Taskforce, Phi Life Cypher, Verb T, Kashmere, Kyza, Yungun, Mr Thing, Killa Kella, Ghost, Manage, Mystro, and DJ Excalibah.

Fliptrix's first album 'Force Fed Imagery' set the standard and showcased his abilities in 2007. A few years down the line in 2010 Fliptrix blew us away with his album titled 'Theory Of Rhyme' which featured classic uk hip hop songs such 'Deep Set Thoughts', 'Turn Of Phrase' and 'Graffiti Won't Die' all which showcase his unique flow at its best.

Fliptrix is soon to release his third album which will go down in British hip hop as a classic trilogy, the album is to be titled 'Third Eye Of The Storm' and is due for release in 2012.

Released: 2014
Released: 2014
Released: 2012
Released: 2012
Released: 2012
Released: 2010
Released: 2007
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