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Parallax's Avatar


Hailing from Hampshire, but residing in East London, Parallax is a conscious and lyrically adept emcee who has already earned co-signs from Raekwon, Dilated Peoples, Mr Scr... (Read More)

Phoenix Da Icefire's Avatar

Phoenix Da Icefire

Paul "Phoenix Da Icefire" Nelson grew up in east London with his mother Angela & his late father john nelson who passed away from cancer late 2002. at a very tender age... (Read More)

Phili N Dotz's Avatar

Phili N Dotz

PHILI N DOTZ are a collaboration project between UK Hip-Hop legend Si Phili who used to be part of Phi-Life Cypher and the fourteen time ‘Jump Off Battle’ Champ... (Read More)

Problem Child's Avatar

Problem Child

In the last days of 2012 a brand new, four man super group consisting of Dubbledge, Illaman, Dabbla & Sumgii assembled to become Problem Child. With each member already... (Read More)

P Money's Avatar

P Money

P Money began his career with the crew 'Fatal Assasins' along with other MC's Little Dee and Blacks. P money was known around these times for his skippy fast flow which cre... (Read More)

Professor Green's Avatar

Professor Green

Stephen Paul Manderson was born on the 27th of November 1983 and is widely known by the name of Progressor Green. He was born and raised in Hackney, East London a... (Read More)

Phi Life Cypher's Avatar

Phi Life Cypher

Phi Life Cypher are a hip hop group based in Luton, the group has a total of two MC's who go by the names of Si Phili and Life MC and also in the group is DJ Nappa. The Gro... (Read More)

Plan B's Avatar

Plan B

Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew was born on the 22nd of October 1983 and is known globally by his hip hop name Plan B, not only is he a rapper he is also a Singer/Song Writer, ... (Read More)

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