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Whirlwind D

Whirlwind D

Whirlwind D's Biography

Whirlwind D is a rapper originally based in South London, now living on the South Coast. Starting his hip hop career B Boying and writing in the early 80s, he took up emceeing in the late 80s. In 1989 he was working with Lap One Productions and then the fledgling Kold Sweat label. Although a few tracks were recorded, he would release his first record in 1990 on the Liberty Grooves label alongside Johnny F as part of Solid n Mind. The band recorded three twelve inch singles in the early 90s, the final record, 'Battle Tipped Rhyme' was released 20 years later to mark 20 years of Liberty Grooves. During his years with Liberty Grooves, Whirlwind D rhymed alongside emcees such as MC Mell O, Big Ted and The Lords Of Rap. After this, Whirlwind continued to rhyme, playing many venues on the South Coast in the 90s as well as emceeing for the Firin' Squad, before turning to the pen and becoming a writer for a number of magazines including Undercover, Ethics and Record Collector.

In addition, he has contributed to various books such as the Rare Record Price Guide and Freddy Fresh Rap Records. As well as this, D presents 'The Pioneers Hip Hop Show' on Kane FM. In 2011, D started releasing new music again and performing live, collaborating with artists such as Waxer, Mr Fantastic and Sir Beanz OBE. In 2014, Whirlwind D moved from Tru-Tone to B-Line Recordings and released his LP 'Nomansland' collaborating with artists such as Rola, Specifik, Mr Fantastic, Spatts (The Criminal Minds/32 Troop), Planet Of The Fakes, Phill Most Chill and fellow B-Line artists Chrome and Illinspired.

With this new double a-side 7 inch vinyl drop, Whirlwind pays tribute to the independent record label he represents. A solid duo of tracks with beefy rolling bass lines and quality hip hop drums, the tunes are both hard set, and softly carry a groove. B-Line Business is produced by Specifik and has cuts from Jabba The Kut. Funkier than James Brown's underpants and heavier than Jabba The Hut's ass, the tune flows fast and furious.

Whirlwind's lyrics portray his passion and dedication to the scene he loves, and together they go hand in hand through the beats presented to them. With tracks talking about the blossoming hip hop present, he also uses the double A-side to represent the history too. Battle Tip 2015 produced by Waxer has ironically grown into a head nod to some of the heavy weights of the past and contains plenty of 'easter egg' lyrics and samples for the true heads. With attitude and vigour, the track forges passed and mows down any who stand in its way.

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