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Smellington Piff's Avatar

Smellington Piff

Smellington Piff began his musical career as a techno DJ (DJ Welly) age 6 on the illegal free party scene. Hailing from his caravan, Piff was Raised as a new age traveler a... (Read More)

Sniff's Avatar


Sniff AKA K-Verse is a British MC from Sheffield. Sniff started rapping at a young age with his cousin TK-One and together they formed the group 'Marauders'. Around 2008 th... (Read More)

Shotty Horroh's Avatar

Shotty Horroh

Adam Rooney is best known by his alias of Shotty Horroh and he is one of Manchester’s most prolific young artists. Shotty started rapping on the Harpur Hey estate whi... (Read More)

Sleaze's Avatar


The Dry Mouth Assassinatior has been tearing up shows up and down the country for a good few years now, making his mark on the scene with his notorious passion and vigorous... (Read More)

Split Prophets's Avatar

Split Prophets

Split Prophets are one of the most exciting crews gaining respect in the scene, Hi-Res & Upfront are two Emcees that make up the group, (Read More)

Scizzahz's Avatar


Jack Rowley is a hip hop emcee from Hastings who guys by the name of Scizzahz and he is a part of the 'Genius Squad' crew and OSB'z, he has collabor... (Read More)

Sonny Jim's Avatar

Sonny Jim

SonnyJim is a Birmingham based rapper and released his first solo album in 2006 which is titled 'The Soul Trader EP'. In 2007 SonnyJim became the ch... (Read More)

Sway's Avatar


Sway was born in London and has Ghanaian parents, he attended Campsbourne primary school, this is when he first began to play around with music by rewriting lyrics to some ... (Read More)

Stig Of The Dump's Avatar

Stig Of The Dump

Steve Dixon is a British rapped from Newcastle who now lives in London, better known by his Stage name Stig Of The Dump. Stig has ... (Read More)

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