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Sway's Biography

Sway was born in London and has Ghanaian parents, he attended Campsbourne primary school, this is when he first began to play around with music by rewriting lyrics to some of his favourite tracks.

After primary school sway attended Highgate Wood Secondary School in North London, during his spare time he used the school equipment for musical production. At the age of 16 sway worked his way up to the grand final of an open mic session at Dingwalls In London, unfortunetly he lost to Chester P from TaskForce.

Sway was also part of the tottenham-based hip hop trio called 'Phynix Crew', after losing at the Open Mic session at Dingwalls Sway and the rest of Phynix Crew were in the finals of Choice FM's Rapology '99 however they didn't win the final.

Phynix Crew merged later merged with two other rap groups to form a super group known as 'One'

Sway moved on to study at College, at this time he had a part time job and was also producing ringtones for a company. He began to save his money from the part time job and started to create his own studio in his bedroom so he could start to produce his own songs.

While Sway was a member of One he was still producing many solo singles, his first break through was under the name of 'Sway DaSafo' on a track titled 'On My Own' which reached A-List of BBC Radio 1Xtra shortly after the station was launched. Sway also produced half of a 10 track CD titled 'Onederful World' which was his rap groups debut album.

In 2004 Sway started to find himself in recording / business situations which he described as 'Bait' and has spoke about quite openly about the attitude of labels towards rappers due to actions from previous acts such as So Solid Crew. He then went on to establish 'Dcypha Productions' with Junior Dcypha and DJ Turkish to promote, record and release the music they want to release. They made his move in order to control sways career and steer it in the direction they had envisioned, since then the label have signed / been affiliate with such acts as BigFoot, Klayz, Bigz, Baby Blue, chiefer and raptor to name a few.

Sways group 'One' disbanded and sway began to focus on his solo career by releasing two independent mixtapes titled 'This Is My Promo' Volumes 1 and 2.

Both of the mix tapes were an underground success, he then moved onto release his debut album titled 'This Is My Demo' and it was released on
the 6th of February 2006, his second single titled 'Little Derek' reached #38 on the UK national Charts. His song Hype Boy went on to be used in the video game Need For Speed Carbon and his song 'Flo Fashion' was used in the video game FIFA Street 2.

His Debut album become very controversial amongst UK Hip Hop artists, this came around because of Sways Criticism of many modern rap artists as they over hype themselves by glorifying themselves and elements from street violence, gang culture to seem more 'Harder' to up sell records to people who are ignorant to the roots of hip hop.

In April 2006 sway was the main support for The Streets UK Tour which ended in May 2006, while performing solo around Europe to promote This is My Demo. Sway is also a cousin of footballer Quincy Owusu-Abeyie and Grime MC Lethal Bizzle.

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