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Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks's Biography

Rizzle Kicks are a hip hop duo reigning from Brighton, the group consists of Jordan 'Rizzle' Stephens who was born on the 25th of January 1992 and Harley 'Sylvester' Alexander-Sule born on the 23rd of November 1991.

They released their Debut album titled 'Stereo Typical' on the 31st of October 2011and by May 2012 Rizzle Kicks have sold over 1 Million singles and 300,000 albums in the uk alone.

In 2006 Jordan started to attend a rap and performance workshop with a Brighton based chartity AudioActive, a Year later and a Harley joined the workshop too.

In 2006, Jordan began attending rap and performance and drama workshops with the Brighton-based charity AudioActive. Jordan was joined a year later by Harley. Jordan has spoke about the charity since making it in the music industry stating "hone our skills and build a passion towards the  career that we're in now!... AudioActive did us a lot of good and without them we wouldn't be here!"

They both attended Brit School and during this time Jordan was studying Media and Harley studied Theatre. Jordan was working on his mixtape which was titled 'Minor Breaches Of Discipline' featuring many samples of his favourite artists such as Gorillaz, Lilly Allen, Arctic Monkeys finished off with his own style of rapping. Jordan asked Harley if he would like to sing over some of the tracks, shortly after they both realised their styles fit together perfectly, they then decided to form Rizzle Kicks in 2008.

The background surrounding their name comes from 'Green Rizla' which was anearly nickname Stephens aquired from a football team mate. This nickname later evolved into 'Rizzle' and then the duo decided on the suffix 'Kicks' because they are both football fanatics.

 The duo then began to hustle beats from local producers because they have a unique sound, they created several demos to showcase their skills and three of them ended up on their debut album.

They then began to build up an online presence by posting lo-fi music videos on their youtube channel, these videos were co directed by Rizzle Kicks and were created by Toby Lockerbie who is a wedding photographer they met at a party.

They shot a video for a track titled 'Down With The Drumpets' which was for demo purposes in the summer of 2010, shortly after they also shot another video for their track 'Miss Cigarette'. During all this happening they both finished College, Harley went on to become an assistant Drama Teacher and Jordan was working in the food industry at the Corals Greyhound Stadium in Hove.

They had been offered their first studio experience and began to create hip hop which was inspired by the old school hip hop roots. Their youtube videos began to catch attention and the views were rising, a few record labels shown interest in the duo and in November 2010 they signed to Island Records.

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