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The Scribes

The Scribes

The Scribes's Biography

The first UK act to sign with US label Kamikazi Airlines, The Scribes are a new wave hip hop four-piece consisting of co-lyricists Ill Literate and Jonny Steele, beatbox maestro Lacey and turntablist Kenny Hectyc, whose unique talents have combined to make a much heralded sound quite unlike any other in the scene today.

The Scribes push the limits of the genre to almost breaking point, mixing live instrumentation with traditional hip hop sampling and bolstering beautiful and moving musicianship to block rocking beats, creating an intricate yet booming backdrop for the MCs quickfire flows.

The sheer scope of this group is nothing short of immense, with tracks ranging from mosh pit making rave bangers to more contemplative narrative works, all produced in The Scribes very own inimitable fashion which really does defy comparison until you hear it for yourself.

This unique blend of ground breaking productions and raw hip hop elements has garnered The Scribes a sponsorship deal with ethical clothing company THTC (www.thtc.co.uk) as well as critical acclaim worldwide, including being named the proud winners of the Exposure Music Award's “Best UK Urban Act 2012”.

However, it's not just in the studio that The Scribes shine!

Their renowned live show is widely regarded as one of the finest on the road today, featuring phenomenal freestyles, breakneck beatboxing and seemingly limitless energy, and has seen them share the stage with the likes of De La Soul, Macklemore, Wu Tang Clan's GZA, MF Doom, Souls Of Mischief, Jurassic 5's Akil, Example and Foreign Beggars to name a few.

The group's performances have also won them global recognition in the form of the EatMusic Radio Award's “Best Live Act 2012”, a special mention in the NME “Guide To Glastonbury Festival” and the Venue Magazine “30 Best Live Shows” feature.

This combination of must-see stage show and a refreshingly original approach to hip hop music has earnt The Scribes a deserved reputation as one of the most talented up and coming artists on the worldwide scene today.

Remember the name, and expect BIG things from The Scribes.

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