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Kashmere's Biography

Kashmere (aka The Iguana Man, Vadertron or Galaktus aka) born to Nigerian parents is a UK veteran emcee and producer who releases a unique style of music. Featuring on over 30 commercially releases and has toured throughout the UK and Europe building a vast following in the process. His style of music cannot be confined to one genre or specific style, drawing influences from David Brubeck to MF Room. Kashmere was raised in North West London and has been writing since 1990 and spent a total of 7 years writing until 1997 when he laid his first recording down with a local producer.

He has featured on many releases from Low Life Records and Breakin' Bread which has brought him a lot of attention from hip hop heads internationally.

In 2004 his 6 Track E.P title 'Technical Illness' was released as a double pack along with Verb T's 'Backhand Slap Talk' through the Low Life label.

This brought about many months of touring in clubs and festivals within the UK and also abroad in Europe. Kashmere was rising through the ranks of uk Hip hop at an alarming rate, becoming one of the most charismatic and accomplished rappers to emerge from the scene.

2005 quickly came around and he began to record his debut album 'In The Hour Of Chaos' which features a total of 17 Tracks which went into detail of the relationship between the spiritual and the physical. The album was released via Receptor Records in October 2006 which was hailed by the critics and hip hop heads.

Kashmere had recorded a large volume of songs during the sessions for the release of his album, and in 2008 he released 'Raiders Of The Lost Archives' on the YNR label, this release featured production from LG, Jehst, Ghost, DJ IQ, Zygote and Jazz T.

Kashmere is currently working on an ablum titled 'Kingdom Of Fear' which is a copcept album based on the Life and work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. The album has been written and produced on the spot with heavy weight legend Jehst.

This doesn't stop Kashmere, one album is simply not enough for this artist, he already has another album titled 'Galaktus' which is a collaboration with Zygote and Jazz T (Producers). The album is to express their mutual love for comic books and all things Sci-Fi.

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