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Respek BA

Respek BA

Respek BA's Biography

Respek-BA has been writing rhymes and creating beats since early 1997 and in 2003 he released his first record with Kriminal records (Glasgow-based hip hop label). Respek BA shortly after moved to Glasgow to begin recording an archive of new material.

A year later and BA started working as a hype man for a UK legend, Blade. They both toured over 15 countries including most major city's in the UK for the next 3 years. During the 2005 tours BA also began competing in rap battles which were hosted by The Jump Off which at the top was one of the top battle federations. After BA reached a few finals in Scotland, Jump Off organised a battle in Glasgow's George's Square in which BA went for six rounds back and forth with one of Jump Off's champions; Stig Of The Dump.

BA won the battle against Stig Of The Dump which propelled BA into the 'Spin The Mic' tournament in which the winner would take home a thousand pound and also a trip to America to face their current champion. BA battled a total of 5 times that night and unfortunately lost his 5th against Whats His Face.

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