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Delivery Room The Grotbags EP Review

Delivery Room The Grotbags EP Review
Date: 14/02/17
Author: Administrator


We're back with another review this time focusing on the thriving Scottish hip hop scene and a duo we've known about since they joined forces, from the depths of the north we present Delivery Room and their debut The Grotbags EP! Consisting of DJ Riseone and two emcees MC Sexion and Epidural who've all been lurking in abyss while they put together the 9 tracks, also producing over half the beats along the way. The time has come to finally let the Grotbags AKA Delivery Room out amongst the wandering masses so let's see what they've brought with them.

Launching you right into the mind state of Delivery Room is the Introduction skit, handpicked from the Sons Of Anarchy TV show and delivers great insight into what's to follow. Scumbags has been produced by Crink and hes delivered a greasy head nodder for Delivery Room to introduce themselves over, bringing nothing but rugged bars for the heads while showcasing their aura flawlessly. Chicken Lover hits is with a short intermission as the skit plays out we're launched into Organ Grinder. Organ Grinder throws us deeper into the head space of Delivery Room as they ride their self produced beat which oozing uneasy and eerie vibes instantaneously! We're not going to say much more on this one just hit the play button below and hear the evidence for yourself!

Jump is an absolute banger which I've been lucky enough to see live in the flesh, which is the type of environment this one thrives in! Delivery Room gun for everyone who's a non-believer and snakes out there splitting each barrage up with a hype hook. Next up is Murky and the beat is exactly what it says on the tin! Potentially our favourite track from the EP, both verses are filled to the brim with mucky penmanship, hard hitting bars and full intent to remind weak MC's to keep their distance. Another one which is hype as fuck live! Emerging from the catacombs of the north we land on the last track which is unfortunately the Outro featuring Wee Rabb! Alright we might have lied there, there might be a sneaky something else on The Grotbags EP from DJ Riseone we haven't mentioned so peep the full release below to find out!

We hope you've enjoyed our review of The Grotbags EP release from Delivery Room which by the way is out TODAY! The release has been released via OneLion Sound and can be copped from Delivery Room's official bandcamp page below! You can cop yourself a physical for the same price as a digital so make sure you grab it while stock lasts! Also available from Suspect Packages! Go grab a copy now!

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