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Chattabox Into The Further EP Review

Chattabox Into The Further EP Review
Date: 29/03/16
Author: Administrator


OneLion Records is back at it again! Continuing to be one of the busiest labels in the Southwest and cement its take over. The latest project to come forth from the hidden depths is Chattabox's and his 6 track Into The Further EP dropping on the 1st Of April! You probably haven't heard of this head yet but believe that's about to change with his debut release. Half rapper, half mechanical beatboxer he's bringing all sorts of noise at supersonic speeds so let's delve Into The Further and see what's awaiting our earlobes.

The opening track for Into The Further is simply titled Intro and features some spoken word from Honey Monroe preparing you for the inner catacombs of Chattaboxs mind. Soon after the first track Toxic Minds produced by the one and only Illinformed comes into play, Chattabox instantly jumps in to tear the beat to shreds with an onslaught of hard hitting bars, spraying a greasy hook with Dotz following up the second verse making this an absolute head nodder and a solid opening! Next up is Nightmares with Baron on the beats and Chattabox on his ones, letting loose with a fury of nightmares from sleep paralysis to them next level terrors, expect Chattabox to showcase pure penmanship on this one!

The fourth track is the self-titled track In To The Further with Baron bringing the intergalactic production on this one. Embark on a journey through space and time as Chattabox brings forth bars scattered from his past and present, bringing us Into The Further. We've plugged the track straight from the OneLion Records bandcamp so hit play below!

As the release nears an end we land on Speak Out featuring another OLS representative Riffree with Bad Company supplying the beat! Opening the track with a powerful skit from Terence McKenna, Chattabox soon leaps at the endorphin rushing beat with a slew of bars firing at the egotistical, money driven individuals. Riffree is next up to continue the lyrical bombardment, supplying another dope verse that keeps the subject matter moving, definitely one of the stand out tracks for us! The sixth and final track to end the Into The Further EP is Never Forget produced by Chattabox himself, ending the release with a heartfelt track to pay homage to a friend lost to a car accident. I'll let the tune speak for its self once the EP has dropped on the 1st Of April.

Before we get to the end of the review we're going to plug Chattabox's UGHH Exclusive Bar session we got off him late last year! Peep the video below and scroll further to cop his debut release Into The Further EP!

Chattabox | UGHH Exclusive Bars

We hope you've enjoyed our in-depth look into Chattabox's Into The Further EP brought to you by OneLion Records! The official release date is the 1st of April however you can already sample some of the tracks from the official bandcamp page below! You can also cop the EP for the small fee of £3.50 for the digital download! Available also on Amazon, iTunes and the Play Store! Show these heads some support and cop it! OLS all day!

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