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Rag N Bone Man Put That Soul On Me Review

Rag N Bone Man Put That Soul On Me Review
Date: 30/07/14
Author: Administrator


Rag N Bone Man is without a doubt one of the most unique artists to arise from the UK's music scene in a while, completely captivating you with his soulful style and infectious flute grooves time after time. Rag N Bone Mans a highly respected artist from the High Focus roster and with only a few releases to his name he's flourished incredibly being recognized by many DJ's in the country and overseas, he's already worked with even bigger names such as DJ Premier & Bastille during a country wide tour.

With no intention to stop Rag N Bone Man is ready to drop another EP titled 'Put That Soul On Me' featuring a total of 3 tracks produced by Dirty Dike available on Wax, making this a truly unique experience and piece of music to own! We're a huge fan of Rag N Bone and of course Dirty Dike so we're going to jump straight into a little review.

The EP kicks off with the self titled track 'Put That Soul On Me' featuring infectious flutes loops & snares to ease your soul as Rag N Bone Man gets you vibing on levels you never knew were possible! It's a solid opener for the EP and sets the mood perfectly, an official video also exists for the track which was filmed at Boom Bap festival earlier this year, check it out below!

Rag N Bone Man | Put That Soul On Me

Next up is Across The Sky which features Rag N Bones voice in his most flawless state, captivating you with his smooth delivery tackling all sorts of drugs and the emotions/actions they evoke! Nearing the end we're hit with a heart wrenching saxophone to fade the track out, this is an immense track from start to finish and Dirty Dike's production shines even brighter when alongside Rag N Bone Man.

Many of you might recognize the track My Business from Rag N Bone man last year which was uploaded onto HFTV channel as an 'Exclusive Bars' series, you'll be glad to know it's become a full fledged track and features none other than the legendary Ronnie Bosh spitting alongside Rag N Bone Man's soulful voice and lacing Dirty Dikes spectacular beat!

Out of the many EP's that will be released this year, this is certainly one you don't want to miss! It might only be a 3 track EP as well but it's so unique and intuitive you'll be bumping it over and over again for years to come! You can grab yourself a copy of Put That Soul On Me from Highfocus on Vinyl for a small fee of £11.99 on the 29th of August! Make sure to pre-order yourself a copy ready for the day of the release!

Rag N Bone Man Put That Soul On Me Review
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