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Science Of Breath Lyrics

Reveal had recently taken a break from the Music Industry however he's back in 2012 to show the scene what we've been missing! Reveal has released his EP titled 'Seven Shades' which features a total of 9 tracks along with lyrics, the EP is also available for a free download from his offical site.

In EP begins with an Intro which displays the type of music we can grow to expect from Reveal, nothing but straight bars but on a conscious level. The next track on the EP titled 'Alone' displays Reveals very unique flow at an extreme pace, while still delivering top tier rhymes! The EP features another track title 'West London' along with an offical video found on Youtube which touches on steet life that he has lived. A few tracks down the line and Rev's song titled 'Science Of Breath' which delves into a conscious rappers mind, Reveal also touches on dealing with his farthers death and over coming the grief.

'I Predict A Riot' has sampled the well known song by the Kaiser Chiefs, the track is about the few days of madness we seen in Citys all over the United Kingdom with the youth rioting. 'Neva Blink' is the final track on this free E.P from Reveal and has had an offical video created for youtube, this track is quite possibly my favourite track on the album as it's a true reflection of the style of music Reveal is creating.

If you are a fan or have never heard of Reveal then I highly recommend giving Seven Shades E.P a listen, it's free and can be found from his offical site below.

Free Download: Reveal - Seven Shades EP

Science Of Breath by Reveal

Science Of Breath Lyrics

Year of Release: 2012
Verse 1
    • I’m like a Black Hole singularity
    • I exist in a field of reversed polarity
    • Me and Mahdyar, snatch the stars
    • Grab the seeds of the Galaxy and trap them in the beat
    • Like intergalactic thieves, please comprehend
    • Knowledge is superficial
    • What you do with wisdom accumulated by you is the true issue
    • Individuals shoot pistols
    • Governments enlist the help of officials to choose the latest Cruise Missile
    • But what’s the latest news issue?
    • Deluded truth they give you, sometimes it’s just too much shit to sift through
    • In Uni some lectures were hard to sit through
    • You sit and then it hits you
    • I wonder, how do they know if this shits true?
    • Consider this, the inner minds vision is limitless
    • Point to your brain, could you explain everything that exists in this?
    • So fuck fake debating and chatting shit
    • Ain’t nothing there to be gained from a vain clash of wits
    • If your objective is truth, if you can handle this
    • Then we can build infinity like we were stacking bricks
    • But what you do is, you preach without teaching
    • Leading people astray
    • Your egos in the way, you don’t even see your face
    • Instead you choose to mask your face like I did in my darker days
    • And therein you mark your fate, ‘cos your heart is fake
    • But if you learnt o master change
    • Then we can build Infinity and even reach the stars in space
    • (Inhale) Every breath that I take in’s a meditation
    • Head and chest straight keep inhaling for eight paces
    • (Hold) For four heartbeats and then let go
    • (Exhale) every breath that I let out I vent stress out
    • Press my chest down and compress the rest of my breath out
    • (Hold) for four heartbeats and then let go
    • (Inhale) Every breath that I take in’s a meditation
    • Head and chest straight keep inhaling for eight paces
    • (Hold) For four heartbeats and then let go
    • (Exhale) Gently through your nose, steady and slow
    • Keep breathing eight paces just letting it go
    • (Hold) For four heartbeats and then let go
    • Reveal your true face and just let go
    • And that’s the Science of Breath
    • Bredders thought that I just repped road
Verse 2
  • The Hoods gonna say that I’m spaced out
  • But the universe is made of molecules like we are
  • So technically we’re in space now
  • Are you able to see that?
  • Or are you one of the peeps that’ll say “Yeah CD’s banging but skip the deep track”?
  • And to me it’s been baffling how certain man will think
  • That they’ll be saved from their sins by wearing God’s name on a talisman
  • True Religion not superstition
  • Orthoproxy not orthodoxy, that’s something I learnt from Sufism
  • I met men who gathered jewels of wisdom
  • Unless you apply them in your life, there’s nothing useful in ‘em
  • Learn to use your intuition, and truly glisten
  • Learn to breath to the beat of your own rhythm
  • I speak to my Father in dreams, see my Father’s deceased
  • And every time I think about it, it’s like a part of me bleeds
  • He departed from me, grew into something larger than we
  • Like raindrops that fell down and became parts of the Sea
  • So in a way there is Eternal life
  • Because the imprint of his souls what I internalized
  • And in effect I reflected through my internal eyes
  • And realized he didn’t die, he just returned to life
  • Kinda like, flowers blooming and oceans moving
  • Mountains move with their own music
  • We just don’t hear it ‘cos we’re human
  • Every cell has it’s own wisdom
  • I learnt to breathe right, and then beat in time to my own rhythm
  • Every cell has it’s own wisdom
  • I learnt to breathe right, and then beat in time to my own rhythm
  • In order to see life you gotta dream right
  • But in order to dream right you gotta sleep right
  • But in order to sleep right you gotta breathe right
  • So learn to breathe right and then you’ll see life...
  • And that’s the Science of Breath...

Lyrics taken from UndergroundHH, check out our full database of Reveal Lyrics.

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