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Mystro's Biography

Mystros first appearence in the scene came around in 1998 when he featured on a track by Cane titled 'The Struggle', the next year Mystro released his first track called "Kiss That Arse Goodnight" which featured Jargon and Skinnyman through Deal Real Records.

In 2000 Mystro had teamed up with another artist called Blufoot and together they release "Last Days" on a compilation cd titled Raw Materials Volume 2.The following year in 2001 he released his first collaborative tracks with Braintaxwhich appear on the next chapter of Word Lab 2, which was a compilation on wordplay.Soon after they released 'Dont Drag Me In' which was released on Braintaxs Low Life Record label.

Another year down the line and Mystro released another single titled 'Open Mic' in January, he was also featured on The Nextmen's track titled 'Next Trend', another song was also featured from both Mystro and Braintax titled 'Liven It Up'. He also featured on a Blak Twang LP Kik Off, on a track called 'Half N Half'.

January 2003 soon come around and Mystro released 'My Type Of Party' which can be found on Low Lifes Food Compilation CD, he also featured on another track titled 'You Know Who You Are' which also featured Rodney P, Farma G and Braintax.

By the End of 2003 Mystro released a single titled 'Strong rhyming' and by March 2004 he released an EP and a CD (with previously released tracks).Music Mystro was his first full length release by himself and he also had a video created for Strong Rhyming.

Mystro has recorded with many artists on albums such as the legendary Hilltop Hoods' - The Hard Road, Bliss n Eso's Day of the Dog - Watch Your Mouth, Phrase Talk With Force - Here Now and New Zealand based producer P-Money's Magic City.

Mystro released another single this time from his Diggi Down Unda Project,the single is called 'Who You Gonna Blame' which featured P-Money, Sereck and Cameos from Maya Jupiter.

On the 14th of December 2009 he released his EP F.D.T (Fu*ck Da Taxman) on Don't Bizznizz records,the EP features 7 tracks and 3 skits of Mystro as a Radio host which maintained his intelligent comical style of rap. On the 5th of July 2010 we saw the release of a classic single from Mystro titled 'Around My Way' which was produced by DJ Swerve, a video of Mystro performing live around the streets of London was also shot for the single.

Shortly after on the 13th of September 2010 we saw another release this time an EP titled 'Digmund Freud' which was released on Don't Bizznizz/Self Destruct Music. The EP as a total of 8 tracks which shows Mystros more serious side and also showing off his versatile subject matter while sticking to his raw unique style.

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