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In It For A Minute Lyrics

In It For A Minute by Foreign Beggars

In It For A Minute Lyrics

Year of Release: 2006
Verse 1
    • Damn! Late to work,
    • Boss on beef and I hate the jerk,
    • Could have been a day full of grace and mirth,
    • But I figured last slave and I’ll make him hurt,
    • So I reached for his throat, ? his shirt,
    • He’s pretty weak for a bloke, gave a little scream,
    • Then he breezed in his coat pretty fast man,
    • All I could see was the smoke,
    • So I left a note,
    • It said: “Dear Mr. Jones, I quit!”
    • “Next time I see you, better have my cheque”
    • “And if you don’t, well I know where you live”
    • “I’m a come around gully up your house in the sticks”
    • Now I’m just pissed, looking for somebody to rough up,
    • And anybody ? getting stuck or bruck up,
    • And One Shot’s bruv got snuffed from one punch,
    • Chucked up last night’s dinner and ’nuff lunch.
    • Guess I could’ve left right then,
    • Could’ve headed out, ? start fighting,
    • But I got a taste for the blood on my knuckle,
    • Start to give chase with a laugh and a chuckle.
    • Hid beneath the table, cowered in the lunch room,
    • Running down the corridor waving a belt strap,
    • Heard a gun shot, felt pain and I fell back.
    • Raaare! That’s when I thought I was dead,
    • And I didn’t wanna die ‘cos I figure that’s dread,
    • But when I woke up, I was cuffed to a bed in a hospital,
    • Telling this story to the Feds,
    • And I begged, “Please don’t lock me up!”
    • They looked at me and said, “Blood, you must be nuts!”
    • “‘Cause we’re the only ones who run around ?,
    • And we’ll be damned if we let a boy fuck with us, ya know?”
    • Even that you’re thinking that you’re in it for a minute,
    • That minute could be linking to spilling over your limits.
Verse 2
  • I stand on my lonesome,
  • Man with a plan,
  • I was picked by the hand of the chosen,
  • I was jammin’ on road when a voice said,
  • “Come back down to the land of the broken”
  • Yo, I was standing there jokin’,
  • When a brother straight stepped in my face,
  • Tryin’ to hand me a toke ting,
  • I was like all taken aback,
  • At first I was baffed ‘cos I thought he was jokin’,
  • He was like “take this”,
  • Man was in a rush so I didn’t ask qestions,
  • He was on a ting like, “Man, don’t you trust me?”
  • I was like “Mmm..” all tryin’ to stay patient.
  • “Gwaan blud? Don’t ya wanna feel weightless?”
  • Breathe in the madness once in your life,
  • That’s when I looked in his eyes,
  • Clocked bredder was a nutcase
  • Holdin’ a gun to my side
  • He said, “Come follow me down this road for a second”
  • “Bredren, listen!”
  • So I looked to the left, to the right, and I looked back,
  • Caught a glimpse of myself,
  • Stood back in the distance.
  • All baffed in the instance,
  • Wondering How? When? Why?
  • But it happened too quick
  • Bredder just laughed in my face,
  • Unloaded two clips,
  • So I fell to the ground,
  • Starin’ me down was a br’er that was wearing a crown,
  • Surrounded by the light that was blinding,
  • Mind in a mess, stressed out, tryin’ to ? in the sound,
  • Now something was shaking,
  • Under my feet,
  • Felt the ground open up,
  • I could sense the danger,
  • Hence I remember the day I was swept away,
  • From the blade of a stranger…

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