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Extra Extra Lyrics

Extra Extra by Devlin

Extra Extra Lyrics

Year of Release: 2006
    • Yeah, Its D-E-V-Z, big up William
    • William William, yeah...
    • Like every couple of years you have to send for someone new
    • Cause your careers dying out or something?
    • I didn't even wanna do the tune cause I know...
    • It's exactly what you want me to do
    • Now it's gone too far, too far
    • Big up Will, droll init
    • (Wiley) Big up Out-Takers
    • Don't try me, I'm grimey
    • Yeah, William
Verse 1
    • William, you're a tit fake like silicone
    • Sniffs got to your brain cells and it's killing em
    • You bang girls that are 15?
    • I'm only 17 and I still wouldn't do that
    • Your careers dead like Biggie and 2Pac
    • I'm dirty, my careers flying
    • You're nearly 30, and you're still trying
    • Now thats two albums that nobody's buying
    • You used to say '38, 38'
    • Nowadays you're about 38, 38
    • I can't knock your work rate
    • But I'm ten years younger and you'll still get murked mate
    • She's 10 and you raped on the first date?
    • You're a nonce! And no you don't make p's you're a ponce
    • And your careers dead so you send for 'The Movement' to see the response
    • And your dead so you had to send for us
    • Cause you know 'The Movements' in the limelight
    • Best know that your career depends on us
    • You could never try ending us
    • You asked to be in 'The Movement', tryna beg friends with us
    • We couldn't let a snake in the clique
    • Thats why William hates like a bitch
    • And he'll feel the blade of my chiv
    • Fuck it, ten years younger, Richard I'll bun ya
    • I'll leave you out in the rain and the thunder
    • Kids watch your back cause Wiley will bum you
    • I said Wiley'll bum you!
    • With his eyes bright red and his nose in powder
    • Thats a circle you just ain't getting out of
    • Your bodys rotten by the time that they found you
    • I've got lines to astound you
    • And yet you chat shit like you're up with the Gods
    • Nahh you're in Romford sucking on cocks
    • When ten O.T man come with the Glocks
    • What you gonna do when it pops you cock?
    • You chat shit bout you're still in the biz
    • How'd you think William got his A3?
    • Sucking on dicks!
    • It was like prostitution was the last solution so he tried it
    • Will tries to hide it
    • But if he see's a cock then he'll ride it
    • Get down and shine it and I don't advise it
    • But still William denies it!
    • He see's an arse and he jumps inside it
    • I don't know what his game is, fascinated with an anus
    • Come through me and get strapped with the flamers
    • We'll shoot you ten times, then you'll be famous
    • And fuck Mark, keep him, O.T aren't about the weaklings
    • Sire, it's you I'm exceeding
    • It's the truth that I'm speaking
    • I heard you and Trims got a beef thing?
    • It's not a beefing
    • Cause Trim speaks one time you're left bleeding
    • Mark stop dreaming
    • You wanna come to Dagenham, get left on London this evening (Mug)
    • How can a pussy, make a tune called 'Gangsters?'
    • Talking bout you move p's like bankers
    • Let me say this slow and clear
    • Say one word about my Mum and I'll shank yous
    • And William, nahh I'm not stupid, I knew you'd want me to do this
    • But now it's gone too far
    • If I didn't write this I woulda gone mad and put a bomb in your car
    • You ain't blown but you think you're a star
    • You're just mediocre, you ain't on par
    • Acting like we can't find where you are
    • Come through with your lads with a strap and a car
    • And William, call it a day
    • Every day, your chance to blow is falling away
    • You bunned it, we'll catch a tool in the face
    • We don't care about who's got a tool in their waist
    • And no you won't blow like Dylan, you counterfeit villian
    • If he's not illing, he's sniffing up lines of crushed pennicilin
    • Still William doesn't care what he's sniffing
    • So you got 50 g's and spent it, are you demented?
    • Will's so old he's been around since radar was invented
    • I said he's shit and I seriously meant it!
    • I remember that time in Ministry, pulled me away and told me fuck Dobbsy
    • What do you think, that I'm just like Blake?
    • I'm real not fake O.T to the grave
    • It was O.T that gave me my name
    • Paved me the way so thats where I'll remain
    • If it weren't for Reece, I'd be our in the rain
    • Hibby took me from the streets to the stage
  • To the stage...
  • Bye Bye Will...
  • Its The Movement 2006
  • Out-Takers
  • See you later William

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