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Jehst's Biography

William G. Shields best known as Jehst (aka High Plains Drifter, Billy Brimstone and Jay Star) was born in Kent in 1979 and spent his childhood in Crowborough (Sussex), he later moved to Huddersfield where he went to Honley High School.

A few years later Jehst was admitted to the University of Westminster in London to study a degree in Illustration, Jehst subsequently dropped out due to an offer he had received from a record deal.

Jehsts Debut release 'Premonitions EP' came out in 1999 on YNR productions which he co-founded with Tommy Evans who is a hip hop artist from Leeds. Of course this wasn't the last time we would hear about Jehst, he appeared on Task Force's EP titled 'Voice of The Great Outdoors' which was released in 2000, Jehst featured on the track titled 'Cosmic Gypsies' which soon became a Hip hop classic, this was the beginning of a long relationship with Low Life Records.

In 2002 Jehst was also a member of 'Champions Of Natured' which featured seven rappers such as AM, Apollo, L. Dolo, Lewis Parker, Profound and Supa T. The group released two EP's, Unfortunetly the group disbanded, thankfully not before they released 'The Return Of The Drifter' in 2002 which is an absolute uk hip hop classic album.

Jehst soon after started to collaborate with producers such as Evil Ed, Lewis Parker and Harry Love and in 2003 he released his debut Album 'Falling Down' which featured other hip hop legends such as Lewis Parker, The Sundragon, Usmaan and

Jehst didn't stop here, in 2005 he released 'Nuke Proof Suit' and soon after in 2006 he released 'Jehst Presents: Underworld Epics' and in 2007 he released 'The Mengi Bus Mixtape'.

In June 2011 Jehsts highly Anticipated album 'The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family' was released, the album has a total of 16 Tracks all of which bring the usual fire we expect from Jehst. The First track on the album is titled 'Starting Over', the tracks video featured a supposed fan who recorded Jehst from his Window delivering his mail as a Royal Mail worker. 'Jehst is my postman' later turned out to be a PR stunt as the video was soon followed by a music video for the single which featured many other rappers dressed in a variety of costumes.

Released: 2011
Released: 2007
Released: 2006
Released: 2005
Released: 2003
Released: 2002
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