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Rodney P

Rodney P

Rodney P's Biography

Rodney Panton is from Battersea London and is an English MC who entered the scene in the 1980's, better known by the name of Rodney P. During this time he was a member of 'The London Posse' which at the time was one of the first home grown hip hop acts who helped the development of the genre in the UK.

In 1986 London Posse got a invitation from Mick Jones Of The Clash to come and support a new band he's in called 'Big Audio Dynamite' for a UK tour. Shortly after a recording contract with Big Life Records followed suit, Rodney P then went on to support hip hop legends N.w.A and Soul II Soul in the early nineties.

Rodney P soon went on to create his own label which was called Riddim Killa in a collaboration with Low Life records which at the time was one of the leading labels of the growing scene. Rodney P was introduced to DJ Skitz from a mutual friend of them both from the Real Deal workship located in the West End.

Rodney P and DJ Skitz went on to host a show on BBC 1Xtra which ran for five years until 2007.Due to his progression with his career he also went on to radio documentaries including a program about the aftermath of Apartheid which was recorded in Johannesburg.

Rodney P has gone on to do many recordings with other high profile artists and producers such as The Next Man, Mystro, One Mike, Plus One, Roots Manuva, Skinnyman and Ms Dynamite.

He continues to dominate the live show scene, he performed at the MF Prince's Trust concert with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys as well as performing at the United Nations Habitat Charityconcert with Jazzy Jeff, Dead Prez and Mos Def.

Rodney P was also the host of an interactive television series known as Dubplate Drama which was shown on Channel 4, E4 and Myspace. In 2011 his voice over was used for an animated rapper in an advert for Toyota Yaris.

In 2011 Rodney P Signed to Tru Thoughts Records and is due to release a collaborative album along side Zed Bias and Falacy under the name of 'Sleepin Giantz' expected in 2012.

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