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Uncle Mic Nitro Mind State Krakatoa Vinyl Release

Uncle Mic Nitro Mind State Krakatoa Vinyl Release
Date: 09/02/17
Author: Administrator


Out recently on the brilliant B-Line Recordings label is some UK wax with 'hip hop' written all over it. A release with names like Phill Most Chill, Chrome, Cappo, Curoc and even Ultramagnetic's Ced Gee printed proudly on it's sleeve. Not to mention cuts by the incredible fingers of DJ Tones, as well as one of the busiest in the scene Jabbathakut. Uncle Mic Nitro bring us his debut LP Mind State Krakatoa.

To give you an idea of the album here is a dope mix by Deejay Random.

Kicking off the A-side with fierce bars and a deep aggressive beat, UMN makes it clear he's here to make his mark with no holds barred. The tracks here stink of passion that has been brewing for some time and it's intoxicating. Flowing through towards old school hip hop vibes and solid bars the album has a head nodding golden era feel to it before the first feature which feels like a mosh pit full of b-boys. Uncle Mic Nitro continues by showing us his deep side and then wraps up the first side with a track that features not only Curoc, but a voice synonymous with UK hip hop Chrome, who delivers some flows that deserve a flood warning.

The B-Side kicks off strongly and doesn't falter. Beats tipping their hats to the pioneers and story telling lyrics keep the journey moving smoothly and the album feels like a complete work. Hands on the helm UMN delivers us to a final feature track with hip hop heavy weights Cappo and Phil Most Chill.

When I hear the name B-Line, I'm assured it'll be a quality product and as a debut LP this is Uncle Mic Nitro's solid stamp on the scene. It's only just dropped hints at spring and yet already we have yet another one for the year book. Watch out for more from Uncle Mic Nitro and B-Line as it comes.

The vinyl is presented in a beautiful sleeve designed by John Dyer and is available at B-Line Records

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