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Dead Players Freshly Skeletal Album Review

Dead Players Freshly Skeletal Album Review
Date: 09/10/15
Author: Administrator


Dead Players are a collective of two Veteran emcees and a single producer who are known to turn graveyards into raves with the energy they expel. Known by their aliases of Jam Baxter, Dabbla, backed up with the majestic Ghosttown bringing all sorts of beats through with him, if you heard their debut self titled album then you already know. Dead Players are now back with their second studio album titled Freshly Skeletal bringing a total of 11 tracks and numerous features throughout, and it dropped earlier in the week!

Kicking off the album we are presented with Oh Well which features a slow, woozy and hypnotic beat from GhostTown, Dabbla and Jam Baxter who both bring an onslaught of arrogant bars displaying their confidence and dutty flows flawlessly. Billa follows up bringing us a beat that builds throughout as Jam Baxter and Dabbla display their complex lyracism and high energy as they bob and weave through Ghosttowns majestic production. Nah is one of the many tracks that will go down a storm to any Dead Player fans and possibly the one to convert if you were on the edge. Expect GhostTown to bring an absolute head nodder, infusing circus and gypsy vibes together, allowing Dabbla and Jam Baxter to release an onslaught of bars on a Nah, Nahh, Nahhhhhh tip! The 4th track on the album is Call Us Now which was the 1st single off Freshly Skeletal album, embark on a distorted journey with two outrageous heads as they detail numerous benders and their gutter party antics! Checkout the official video for the track if you haven't already!

Dead Players | Call Us Now

Skipping B. A. W. G and Do It featuring Lee Scott (peep them on the album!) we land on the 7th track on Freshly Skeletal titled Ringing! Ghosttown brings through an intense glitchy beat that causes concussion from the head boppin, Jam Baxter fires a slew of rhymes drenched in vile imagery while Dabbla supplies his signature flow. High brings that retro sound and compulsory eargasms as Dabbla and Jam Baxter spew bars on a wavey tip, along the way they touch on the numerous drugs consumed and antics that followed! The hook is nothing but enticing an you'll soon find yourself mashed off your face when bingeing on this one. Infinite Limousine Pile Up is a track that everyone should be eagerly awaiting to hear, especially when the likes of Sox, Ocean Wisdom, Illaman & Orifice Vulgatron alongside the Dead Players! We ain't gonna say much more on this, hit play on exclusive upload via High Focus below and delve into this beast!

Dead Players | Infinite Limousine Pile Up

The 10th track titled Cooked is another exceptional stand out track for the album, Ghosttown brings another absolute head nodder to the forefront with his sample game! Meanwhile Baxter brings through an onslaught of intricate rhymes and Dabbla murks it with his barbaric double time. Peep the official video for Cooked below if you haven't already!

Dead Players | Cooked

We'll save one more track for you ears which is the closing track Drenching, so peep that once the album arrives through your door! Unfortunately the Freshly Skeletal album has come to end and you're no doubt feeling a touch of misplacement and a rush of adrenaline, but fear not as we're told it's a natural side effect. Dead Players have done all they set out to achieve with this album, further strengthening the collectives legacy with 11 absolute head nodders, taking you from highs to lows with the drop of a bar as Ghostown delivies musical porn to your dome piece. Freshly Skeletal dropped earlier this week and can be purchased from the official High Focus website by clicking their logo below!

Purchase Freshly Skeletal via Dead Players!
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