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From the Highly respected record label High Focus bringing raw talent such as Dirty Dike, FlipTrix's, Jam Baxter Verb T and more brings you Leaf Dog From A Scarecrows Perspective. Leaf Dog has been working within the scene for many years and is known for his releases in the group 'The 3 Amigos', every year he betters himself with his lyricsm ability but also his production skills recently working with Rass Kass and Kool G Rap.

His Album From A Scarecrows Perspective was produced by Naive which can almost guarantee you your moneys worth right there. The beats are everything you can expect, sticking to the raw sound of boom pap drum beats and melodic loops.

The Album features a total of 16 tracks of a legend in the making, Leaf Dogs style is completely unique with well written lyrics and a flow that'll keep you entertained for hours. The lead single from the album is titled 'Some People Say' and is a pure example of what you can look forward to from Lead Dog now and in the future.

"two wrongs dont make a rightbut two bongs makes me feel alright" - Leaf Dog - Some People Say

The album also features many other heavy rappers such as BVA MC, Rampage, Fliptrix, ASSA, Kid Genius, Diamond D and UK legend Verb T.

Hope by Leaf Dog

Hope Lyrics

Year of Release: 2011
Verse 1
    • I miss my loved one, sometimes feel like I’m still with her
    • I know you see me like Houdini mastering escapism
    • Some fake grinning, head spin in the spider web they fit in
    • The weak fled, they aint willing it seems like we aint winning
    • But fuck it
    • That’s how my life has always been
    • We can moan all night but I need to learn some discipline
    • “I aint listening” is probably what I would say if I was you
    • Cause I learnt the hard way from all the shit I went through
    • But sometimes that’s how it has to be
    • Messing up and acting free
    • Falling far from the tree
    • The beat really attracted me
    • Perfect match for me for when I met my biggest fear
    • Heart bleeds a tear for three people lost in that year
    • Through the crack I’ll peer as I glare at the world today
    • Stiff without a care, till I bleed and I start to sway
    • Cause whether sun or rain hail
    • Living broke or basking wealth
    • It don’t matter
    • You can’t run away from yourself
Verse 2
  • I’m standing on the fucking edge
  • Mountains’ crumbling down the ledge
  • This will be my final pledge
  • In the morning I’ll be dead
  • Drugs flying round my head
  • Let’s get mashed, no need to ????
  • Give me ten gurners, two grams and some 2C-I
  • And we can get high
  • Until the stars start to fall
  • No provision, triple vision when the ???? starts to ????
  • It seems cool, I just quit school they couldn’t stop it
  • But I consumed more than I make of my profit
  • Coinage in my pocket
  • Back rigid, out of socket
  • Brain saying that I’ve lost it
  • Too paranoid to clock it
  • But can’t stop it
  • And I don’t know who to trust
  • Bounty’s on my head, my friends are acting like they aint fussed
  • I can feel like something’s changing, this will be my inspiration
  • Through the dark nights I’m chasing that dream I aint facing
  • So I cut it off, right there and untie the noose
  • Cause my direction cannot be controlled by my excuse

Lyrics taken from UndergroundHH, check out our full database of Leaf Dog Lyrics.

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