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Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight

Dirty Dike (2015)

The act of sucking on prawns in the moonlight isn't just literal, it symbolises any mischievous night time activities, of which, as you may already know, Dirty Dike is a high ranking expert, as well as a sea food fanatic. Whether you are drinking Bison Grass Vodka in the park, climbing over barb wire fences to get trackside or cruising the streets of Barcelona with your girlfriend looking for bars and rooftops; you are indeed sucking on prawns in the moonlight. In fact, any mischievous outdoor moonlit adventure, that feels luxurious to you in any way, whether you know it or not, is sucking on prawns in the moonlight. With that said, upon listening to this album, and marveling at the incredible artwork, you will fully understand why this title is so fitting to this body of work, as Dirty Dike takes you on one of the most thrilling night time journeys you have ever audibly experienced.

Although Dirty Dike has been showcasing his incredible production skills as of late with projects with Ocean Wisdom, Rag N Bone Man and Lee Scott, it has been two long years since everyone’s favourite Twat has delivered a full length album! The outspoken voice of the notorious Dirty Dike has returned with arguably his finest work to date - 'Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight'. The project delivers everything you would expect from a Dirty Dike album and so much more! We have all the classic ‘no holds barred’ dirty elements that make a Dirty Dike album special plus a new injection of perspective and reflection as our hero adopts a new approach to his craft. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a game changer.

Much like hit singles 'Return Of The Twat' and the legendary 'Pork Pie', 'I Ain't Got A Clue' , the first single, showcases Dirty Dike's trademark devil may care attitude to the fullest extent and has already garnered a lot of online hype. Following up ‘I Ain’t Got A Clue’ is the mellow ‘Isleham Swamp’, a sharp contrast to the first single but gives the listener a good idea of the varied flavours on offer on the ‘Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight’ LP which is dropping on the 21st of September 2015 on CD, limited edition vinyl and digital.

This is sure to be another gem in the ever expanding Dirty Dike repertoire be sure to join Dirty Dike on tour this October in a city near you!

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