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Last Date Lyrics

Last Date by Braintax

Last Date Lyrics

Year of Release: 2002
  • Im stood waiting, waiting for this girl to appear
  • Its been 40 minutes and Im still here
  • The last trains due and that's just like you
  • Im in the station - hard, concrete fridge
  • By this pieced-up bridge
  • Shes always fucking late and doesnt even see the pisstake
  • Been 2 years and Im still living in my first mistake
  • Im standing here with a stray frost bitin
  • And December air stinging my nose
  • My grip tightens on my stone hands
  • See, I know she isn't with another man
  • She just takes her time because she really doesnt't't't give a damn
  • And when she's finally here she's all smiling
  • No apology, I could have been chillin on my island
  • But how am I ? You don't know cos you don't even care to ask
  • Arrogant, assuming that Im happy and were gonna last
  • And fail to see the way you mess with my head
  • I feel to dis you - call out my exs name in bed
  • Now, defeat you or attack you ? Do neither I play statue
  • For every wise response, a sly remark, I can't match you
  • Cos logics out the widow and reasons out the door
  • Im looking hard at it like tracks by Main Source
  • Of course Im vexed, you say I want you for [what !?]
  • Were going nowhere, moving round in circles, jogging on the spot
  • Its all so familiar now but back then
  • You were bringing up things I said way back when
  • Flashing all the right smiles trying to twist my friends
  • Why is the way you act so irrational ?
  • Its like talking to a brick wall about the price of cement
  • Demented ways of acting that defy all sense
  • Not your time of the month it's just your time to waste time
  • Letting off steam, breaking shit, trying to rip my rhymes
  • Put the pad down slowly please take a step back
  • And don't even think about going for the multi-track
  • You got a temper like Flashman, bully-styles late night
  • My mum and dad are in the next room, stay quiet
  • You give me more shit than teachers did
  • You need to smoke some of this and calm down quick
  • Arguings an option but there's got to be a reason
  • And by the way, I don't respond to blackmail either
  • See Im a true believer in some self-respect
  • And Im about to call your bluff if you're threatenin to jet
  • I can't stand slanging matches, I retreat into my shell
  • Only cos you wont listen while you're giving me hell
  • Id like to call an analyst or just record the conversation
  • Just to make you listen to it and point out the contradictions
  • Im tired of listenin, you can't believe Im faithful
  • Youre pissed off cos Im not eternally grateful
  • Youre the funny type, then again, similar to many of my friends
  • Same shit, different girl, time and again
  • The same hassles, the same game and the same end
  • The same blend, the best ever when it's time for bends
  • A firework, ready for war with me
  • But Im just tryin to write a rhyme right now and drink my tea
  • Why you startin on me ?
  • See, I was thinking we were team-mates
  • And don't be tryin to tell me that it's over cos you're too late..
  • Im not psychic
  • Im not a sidekick

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