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The second you put DoubleThink on you will be greeted by a Classical Intro, at this stage you will realise Akala is bringing a new sound to the table yet again. Akala delves into exploring the ideologies of dystopia drawing inspiration from Aphex Twin, Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead and Public Enemy.

Track 6 on the album is titled Psycho and is a great example to display the boundries akala has been pushing since day one. The track is a blend of Hip Hop, Classical and Rock which on paper probably doesn't sound appealing however the Track blends perfectly. The track switches between anger, fighting for a cause and then into a mellow vibe about life, the track hits the nail on the head inreguards to the album name of 'DoubleThink'.

DoubleThink; “to simultaneously hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time, to tell deliberate lies and to forget any fact the moment it becomes inconvenient.”

The album features an array of different subject matters such as 'Yours And My Children' which speaks about issues reguarding the Police in Brazil and the killing of Favela Children. Facedown hits the nail on the head in reguards to the relationship between Men and Women in modern society. One of the best tracks on the album has got to be 'Find No Enemy' which showcases Akalas softer and more diverse side, in this track Akala touches on situations which are personal to him and also some politcal subjects.

If you're a fan of Akala or a fan of conscious rappers then we can guarantee you won't be disappointed with this album.

Intro Lyrics

Year of Release: 2010

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