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Dr Syntax

Dr Syntax

Dr Syntax's Biography

Dr Syntax is a rapper from the United Kingdom. The North Oxfordshire countryside, to be exact. While this is hardly a renowned hotbed of hip hop talent, it hasn't stopped him from establishing himself as one of the most reputed and prolific emcees in the UK hip hop scene. Tracks like 'Subcultures', 'My House' and 'Hire Me' showcase his trademark self-deprecating, dry sense of humour and always-on-point rhyme skills, and have earned this unlikely underground stalwart a die-hard following.

Syntax burst onto the scene in 2003 as a peripheral member of the legendary Foreign Beggars crew, appearing on two tracks on their classic debut 'Asylum Speakers' and touring with them extensively. He has been releasing music ever since, including his acclaimed albums 'Self Taught', 'Benny Huge' and his duo album with North London rapper Skrein (as Skreintax). His most recent album, 'A Slice Of Fried Gold', is a collaboration with producer Tom Caruana based around dialogue samples from the work of film director Edgar Wright, who has championed the record since its release via his blog.

A seasoned live performer, Syntax has rocked pretty much every hip hop night worth its salt in the UK during the past decade, and has played at festivals such as Glastonbury, Bestival, Splash! (Germany), Hip Hop Kemp (Czech Republic), Outlook and Soundwave (Croatia). He has opened for legendary acts such as Wu Tang Clan, Slum Village, KRS One and Pharoahe Monch. He is also the front man for 8-piece Manchester hip hop/funk band The Mouse Outfit, who released their debut album 'Escape Music' in Spring 2013, featuring Syntax on 8 tracks.

Released: 2012
  • 1 Universal Intro
  • 2 Get Into It
  • 3 Busy Doing Nothing
  • 4 My House
  • 5 Going Off
  • 6 Make Your Move
  • 7 Meltdown
  • 8 Out Of My Mind
  • 9 Countryside Alliance
  • 10 Another Classic
  • 11 Drudgery
  • 12 Masks
  • 13 Mary
  • 14 Weather The Storm
  • 15 Heard This One Before
Released: 2010
  • 1 Standard Procedure
  • 2 Calm Down
  • 3 Cock Block
  • 4 Jump Up
  • 5 Number One
  • 6 Stress
  • 7 Hire Me
  • 8 Big Business
  • 9 This Fresh
  • 10 Benny Huge
  • 11 Make Things Happen
  • 12 Theres Got To Be More
  • 13 The Bird Has Flown
Released: 2007
Released: 2007
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