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King Porter Stomp Way Back Album Review

King Porter Stomp Way Back Album Review
Date: 31/12/69
Author: Administrator


Brand new this month is the next studio album from one of the UK's most exciting hip hop inspired live bands. King Porter Stomp are back. Way Back. Let's see what's on offer from these stalwarts of the festival circuit and purveyors of the finest roots infused hip hop around.

This new collection of tracks shows the maturity of a band who I have had the pleasure of watching since day one. From their roots in the south coast's underground to main stages across the globe, KPS have carved a route that when re-rambled, triggers happy memories galore. With this new release, they have worn their hearts on their sleeve with a promo video explaining exactly what goes into the making of an album. Something that is, in this writer's humble opinion, long over-due in the scene. (watch here)

This album is as tight as a camel's arse in a sandstorm. With roots culture running through every beat, strum and bass note, the release comes on the crest of the spring but will no doubt be played on systems blessed in sunshine throughout the summer and beyond. Lyricism is the twine holding the KPS sound together, and MC Jonezy has pushed himself to the next level here. With topics ranging from weapons trade to commercialism and a delivery that shows the years of experience that go into it.

Catchy chorus's, a ferocious brass section and basslines so big they can rattle even the most battered soul back to life, all make the KPS sounds an addictive one. At their live album release recently, it was clear to see that their energy has only grown more flavoursome with age, quickly leading a room of people into a bouncing and singing frenzy. KPS seem to slide effortlessly from political floor shakers to greasy grooves without losing a breath. Their shoulder swinging side is shown to full effect with feature artist Davin Michael Stedman from the US outfit Staxx Brothers.

If you ever get chance to see the stompers live then grasp it with both hands. In the mean time, grab this latest release and then delve into their healthy back catalogue. King Porter Stomp have stamped their boot print all over the muddy underground, make sure you don't miss the party.

KPS 'on tinternet'

KPS 'on the telly'

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